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Pets are usually considered family and pet parents typically want the best care for their beloved pets. During the darkest time of our founder, it was her beloved rabbit that kept her going.

In December 2020, her beloved rabbit left her. Her mother, just like anyone would do, dug a hole and buried the beloved rabbit in the backyard without her presence. There was no time and no chance for the memorial take to place.

In the eyes of pet owners, their pets are part of their life - their bundle of joy, company, and stress reliever. In fact, they see their pets like family. Pet parents want their pets to be well taken care of with the same respect and dignity given to their human family members, even when they pass away.

Our pets may pass away at any time, and we may not even know what to do in certain situations. The scariest scenario is when the animals fall ill without warning and we may not have time to get them to the vet. Finding a vet can be challenging for new pet owners since they are unsure of whether the vet would be helpful or not.

This is where Maesya comes about. Maesya is derived from the word 'Ma'yshah' which means Life. It is Brunei’s first pet care solution platform where we bring peace of mind to pet owners, one pet at a time. When the time comes, we hope our pet owners are able to perform their last gesture of care and bid farewell to their pet family.

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